Sparking Innovation in the Engineer of Tomorrow


The ever-expanding engineering challenges we're addressing today are pushing us past what we thought possible. At the forefront of these innovations, NI and other industry leaders are looking to the engineers of tomorrow to take us to the next level. But we don't expect anyone to do it alone. Together, we must accelerate the rate of discovery in engineering education through cutting-edge engineering system design and develop engineers who are ready to tackle new challenges in the Internet of Things, mechanical automation, and wireless communications. View this webinar to learn how elite educators around the world are partnering with NI to future-proof their teaching and research programs and lead students to engineer whatever comes next.

Key Takeaways

  •  Learn how industrial megatrends are challenging educators to prepare students for all-new applications and drive transformational changes in academic institutions.
  • Explore how professors around the world, from the University of Virginia to Tsinghua University in China, are  inspiring exciting student outcomes.
  • Discover the newest solutions to help educators provide engaging, student-centric experiences in the classroom.

Presenter: Bhavesh Mistry
Senior Group Manager, Global Academic Marketing

Bhavesh Mistry is the senior group manager of the NI global academic marketing team based in Austin, Texas. Driving the worldwide vision of the team, Mistry plays a leading role in how academic institutions can enhance their teaching with new approaches and technology. He manages a team of engineers and oversees NI products developed specifically to drive student success such as myRIO, LabVIEW, and the NI Educational Laboratory Virtual Instrument Suite  (NI ELVIS). He has traveled throughout the world to directly work with the deans, directors, and educators of various educational systems to ensure students successfully meet their learning and research goals.

Prior to this role, Mistry was the academic program manager for North and South America. He worked with educational institutions throughout these two continents to implement innovative laboratories and advanced research solutions using leading-edge technology and teaching materials. In addition, as general manager of NI Toronto, Mistry led the team responsible for the sales, marketing, and development of Multisim, which is trusted throughout the world as the standard software for circuits education.

Mistry earned a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from the University of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada, and has previous work experience in software consulting, applications engineering, product management, and technical marketing.


Next steps

  • Explore engaging teaching resources and comprehensive reference to teach engineering concepts and system design
  • Discover electronics anywhere using the first online SPICE simulation environment with Multisim Live
  • Partner with NI to build an innovative new approach to engineering education with the NI IoT Education Beta