Academic Volume License

Get all the NI software you and your students need to be successful in one cost-effective, easy-to-manage package.

Accelerate Engineering System Design

The Academic Volume License is the standard way for academics, researchers, and students to get access to NI software, including LabVIEW and Multisim. With options to suit your needs, the Academic Volume License empowers you to design systems for any engineering challenge. See what's included.

To discuss getting a volume license at your academic institution, speak with your local NI representative today.

Key Benefits

Installation on Student-Owned Computers

The Academic Volume License allows students to install NI software on their own computers so they can continue to develop systems outside the lab class. Assign projects, pre-lab work, tutorials, and workshops to make better use of your lab time.

Save Time Through Central IT Management

Bring all your licensing maintenance and management under one roof. The Academic Volume License is shipped with powerful IT management software that gives you one central location to manage, maintain, and renew.

Be Successful at a Fraction of the Full Cost

Get access to the vast majority of NI software to build any application in any lab for one low price. NI grants software to academic institutions at a significant discount compared to normal cost.

Flexibility to Fit Your Needs

Easily scale your AVL to fit your teaching and research needs. Flexible to fit into any application in teaching, research, or student design.

Existing Users

Already Covered by an Academic Volume License?

The Academic Volume License comes packed with more than just software. You get access to learning materials and online courses to make you successful sooner. Download software, learn about IT management tools, access training materials, and more.

Course Materials

Lab classes require more than just hardware and software. You also need the right course materials and lab manuals that fit your curriculum. NI works with leading professors to develop ready-to-run course materials that you can leverage as either complete works, individual classes, or as a base for your own materials.

Industry Certification and Training

LabVIEW Academy is a global program for academic institutions seeking to enhance their curricula with LabVIEW training and entry-level certification, improve student employability, and strengthen the foundation for their students’ engineering success in industry or research.