NI Security Update for Intel® CPU Vulnerabilities


Potential security vulnerabilities in Intel® CSME, Intel® SPS, Intel® TXE, Intel® AMT, Intel® PTT and Intel® DAL may allow escalation of privilege, denial of service or information disclosure described in CVE-2019-11090, CVE-2019-11088, CVE-2019-0165, CVE-2019-0166, CVE-2019-0168, CVE-2019-0169, CVE-2019-11086, CVE-2019-11087, CVE-2019-11101, CVE-2019-11100, CVE-2019-11102, CVE-2019-11103, CVE-2019-11104, CVE-2019-11105, CVE-2019-11106, CVE-2019-11107, CVE-2019-11108, CVE-2019-11110, CVE-2019-11097, CVE-2019-0131, CVE-2019-11109, CVE-2019-11131, CVE-2019-11132, CVE-2019-11147.


For more information, refer to NI Security Update for Microarchitectural Data Sampling Vulnerabilities.


Mitigation Guidance

Depending on the controller you are using, you may need to perform one or both of the following steps:

  1. Apply the BIOS update provided by NI for your controller.
  2. Apply the CSME firmware update.

Affected Products

Affected PXI/PXI Express Controllers

Controller Model

BIOS/Firmware Download


1) BIOS: 19.5.1f0

2) Minimum version of Fixed Firmware: 11.8.70

Affected CompactDAQ/CompactRIO/Vision/OEM Controllers

Controller Model

BIOS/Firmware Download


Contact NI

cRIO-904x TPM

Contact NI


1) BIOS: 1.0.4f0

2) Minimum version of Fixed Firmware: 11.8.70

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