Vertical VHDCI Connector P/N 780389-01 Replacement Notice


NI plans to discontinue sales of the Vertical VHDCI Connector kits part number 780389-01 beginning on November 1, 2018. The 780389-01 VHDCI Vertical connector will be replaced it with the Vertical VHDCI Connector kit part number 785753-01. Customers who have previously purchased this device have been notified of this change.

This change was prompted by a possible quality issue when mating the 780389-01 Vertical VHDCI connector to some National Instrument's VHDCI cables, such as the SHC68-C68-D4 . In some rare instances, there is the possibility that repeatedly mating the Vertical VHDCI connector can damage the internal pins of the VHDCI connector on the NI cable. 

This item is being replaced with part number 785753-01 -- VHDCI Connector, 68-PIN, Vertical, Through Hole Mount. The recommended replacement is functionally equivalent, however, the replacement connector may not be physically compatible with some designs due to slight dimensional and footprint differences. See below for more information on pinout or dimensional differences between the two connectors. NI does not expect that any differences in the signal integrity will be caused by the replacement connector, however as not all use cases have been tested, NI strongly recommends validating the replacement part to evaluate its compatibility with your current designs.

Use this table to quickly identify differences and similarities between the 780389-01 and 785753-01 Vertical VHDCI Connectors
End-of-Life ProductRecommended Replacement
VHDCI Connector, 68-Pin, Vertical, PWB Through Hole MountVHDCI Connector, 68-Pin, Vertical, Through Hole Mount
NI Part Number: 780389-01NI Part Number: 785753-01
Manufacturer: All Best Electronics R-HS-008068-1BManufacturer: Honda HDRA-EC68FDT+
Connector Pinout
Notable differences can be seen in the outer dimensions of the connector, pin height and pin alignment. For more detail please see the dimensional drawings.
Dimensional DrawingDimensional Drawing
No longer for sale by NI as of November 1, 2018.Product Page
Note: The Dimensional Drawings for both connectors can be found on the Dimensional Drawing for 68-Pin Vertical VHDCI Connector page. The All Best Electronics connector drawings can be found under the header "For 68-Pin Vertical VHDCI Connector going End-of-Life" and the Honda connector drawings can be found under the header "For 68-Pin Vertical VHDCI Connector Replacement". 

If you are in need of the 780389-01 Vertical VHDCI Connector NI recommends that you place an order prior to the date above. If you are in need of the connector following this date, please reach out to your NI representative or contact NI support to discuss the options available to you.

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