NI FlexRIO 13.2.0 Patch Details

The NI FlexRIO 13.2.0 Patch is a patch for systems with NI FlexRIO 13.1 and NI FlexRIO 13.2 installed. The patch is available for download here.

The patch fixes an incompatibility that a component of the NI FlexRIO distribution has with the BIOS on certain systems. The incompatibility asserts itself on startup and results in a Blue Screen before the system has fully loaded the operating system. NI strongly recommends this patch for all systems with NI FlexRIO 13.1 or NI FlexRIO 13.2 installed. Once the patch has been applied, the attached VI can be used to verify that the affected component has been updated.

To prevent further installation of the conflicting component, all NI installers have been modified to prevent distributions containing NI FlexRIO 13.1 or 13.2 from proceeding without first removing NI FlexRIO from the list of software that an installer will place on the system. This includes any distribution or driver DVD that contains NI RIO 13.1, NI IMAQ 13.1, or NI FlexRIO 13.1.

The patch should only be applied to systems that already have NI FlexRIO 13.1 or 13.2 installed. Any new installation that would otherwise require one of these versions of the NI FlexRIO driver should instead use NI FlexRIO 13.2.1 which is available for download here.

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