Compare Circuit Design Suite Education Editions


NI Circuite Design Suite includes NI Multisim and NI Ultiboard. The Education edition is for use by institutions, and the Student edition is for non-commercial use by individuals. This document compares features of the Education and Student editions. For information on commercial licenses and more, see: Try Multisim


Schematic Capture

Circuit Design Suite

Advanced Component SearchXX








Autowire parts when brought togetherXX






Autowire when part pin placed on a wireXX






Bill of MaterialsX












Bus Vector ConnectX












Circuit RestrictionsXX






Placing Comments on SchematicXX






Component Detail ReportX






Component EditingXX






Component WizardXX






Connectors - HierarchicalXX






Connectors – Off-pageX






Constraint Driven Capture (max/mins in Spreadsheet Nets tab)X






Corporate DatabaseX






Cross ProbingXX






Cross Reference ReportX






Customizable InterfaceXX






Custom RLC footprints in Master databaseX






Customizable/Advanced Bill of MaterialsX






Description box SubmitXX






Edit Symbol commandXX






Electrical Rules CheckingX






Embedded Forms/Questions - Create and editX






Embedded Forms/Questions - View and respondXX






ERC Scope SettingX






Export to Mentor PADS LayoutX






Export to Third Party LayoutX






Export/Import Database ComponentsX






Export/Import Database User FieldsX






Export/Print SpreadsheetX






Fast auto-connect passivesXX






Forward/Backward AnnotationXX






Global RestrictionsXX






Graphic AnnotationXX






Graphically mark no-connect pins (Toggle NC Marker)X






Hierarchical BlocksX






Improved ERC - no-connect pins (ERC Rules tab)X






Improved FindX






Improved variant management/viewing (Spreadsheet tab)X






Legacy File OpenXX






Merge/Convert DatabaseXX






Multi-sheet Flat DesignsX






Multiple Designs OpenX






Multisim Touch import (*.msmx)XX






Netlist ReportX






OrCAD Capture ImportX






Open EDA component library import (*.oecl)XX






PCB Settings (Net Properties, Sheet Properties, PCB tab)XX






Pin/Gate swapX












PLD Hierarchical BlocksX






Project Manager (Project Support)X






Project PackingX






Rubberbanding on Part MoveXX






Save components from workspace to databaseX






Schematic Statistics ReportX






Screen Capture UtilityXX






Simplified VersionX






Snippets - Creating and OpeningXX






Spreadsheet ViewX






Spreadsheet - PCB related fieldsX






Standard Component SearchXX






Start a wire in mid-airXX












Symbol EditorXX






Templates - Creation (Export template…)X






Templates - Opening (*.mst)XX






Title BlockXX






Title Block EditorXX






User DatabaseXX






User Defined FieldsX






User Defined Fields in Bill of MaterialsX






Variant SupportX






Virtual ELVIS I & II schematicsXX






Virtual ELVIS II toolbar (depends on ELVISmx install)XX






Virtual myDAQ schematicXX






Virtual ToolbarXX






Virtual Wiring (by node names)XX


Circuit Design Suite

Advanced Inductor ComponentX 






Blow up partsXX






Loading Code Model from DLLX






Component Tolerances in Interactive SimulationXX






Convergence AssistantXX






Description box synchronized with simulationXX






Expressions in AnalysesXX












Grapher - Digital DisplayXX






Insert faults into components during netlist generationXX






LabVIEW instrumentsXX






LabVIEW-Multisim CosimulationXX






LVM and TDM data files as sourceXX






LVM and TDM file export (from instruments & analyses)XX






MCU ModuleXX






MCU Module - Machine Code LimitationNoneNone






Model MakersX






Multiple Instances of InstrumentsXX






Multiple overlapped traces in grapherXX












Precision coordinates in grapherXX






Real-world I/O parts - microphone and speakerXX






RF Design ModuleXX






Save/Load Simulation ProfilesX






SPICE matrix exportX






VHDL Simulation (with MultiVHDL installed)XX






Virtual, Interactive, Animated PartsXX






Wizard - 555 TimerX






Wizard - CE BJT amplifierX






Wizard - FilterX






Wizard - OpampX






XSpice command-line interfaceX

Miscellaneous Multisim

Circuit Design Suite

Multisim APIX 
Place Components LimitNone50
Print CircuitXX
Print Circuit Setup - Active Sheet and Subsheets OptionXX
Save CircuitXX


Circuit Design Suite

AC Single FrequencyXX
DC Operating PointXX
DC SweepXX
Monte CarloXX
Nested SweepXX
Noise FigureXX
Parameter SweepXX
Pole ZeroX 
Temperature SweepXX
Trace WidthX 
Transfer FunctionX 
User DefinedX 
Worst CaseXX


Circuit Design Suite



2 Channel ScopeXX


4 Channel ScopeXX




Agilent Function GeneratorXX




Agilent MultimeterXX




Agilent ScopeXX






Bode PlotterXX


Current ClampXX




Distortion AnalyzerXX




Frequency CounterXX


Function GeneratorXX






IV AnalyzerXX






Logic AnalyzerXX






Logic ConverterXX












Measurement ProbeXX












Network AnalyzerXX






Spectrum AnalyzerXX






Tektronix ScopeXX


















Word GeneratorXX


Circuit Design Suite







3D preview in component 3D propertiesXX






3D preview in main screenXX






3D printingXX






3D Viewer (height, color, shape)XX






3D visualization of the inside of the PCBX






Ability to "turn off" ratsnest for selected netsX






Additional net options like Max/Min Width, Max/Min lengthX






Auto jumper placement – inserts jumper into a netX












Automatic tear-droppingX






Change trace width "on-the-fly"X






Comments on layoutXX






Component place sequencerX






Copper Amount ReportX






Corporate DatabaseX






Cross probing between Ultiboard and MultisimXX






Customizable layers viewing for glue, paste, solderX






Customization of report generatorX






Differential Impedance CalculatorX






Differential PairsX












Dimming inactive information to the backgroundXX






Enter Coordinate dialog from SpreadsheetX






Equi-space traces supportX






Export - Gerber filesXX






Export - IPC-D-356A NetlistX






Export - SVG filesX






Export 3D IGESX






Export 3D information in DXF formatX






Fan-out option for componentsX






Filter errors/warning in the Spreadsheet output windowsXX






Forward/Backward annotationXX






Full screen modeX






Connection machineX






Follow-me routingX






High speedX






Import - DXF filesX






Import - Orcad PCB filesX






Import - Protel PCB filesX






In-place footprint editorX






Jump to errorX






Keep-in and keep-outX






Layer limit6464






Mechanical CADX












Multiple Clearance optionsX






Multiple open documentsX






Net bridgesX






Net shieldingX






Object information with a tool-tip labelXX






Paste SpecialX






PCB design savable as a reusable componentX






PCB Transmission Line CalculatorX






Grouping (group/ungroup selection)XX






Pin and Gate SwapX






Pin necked trace supportX






Place objects within a predefined arrayX






Polar gridsX






Push and shove component placementXX






Push and shove trace placementXX






Replica placeX






Ruler bar alignmentsX






Ruler bar measurementsX






Save designXX






Selection filtersXX






Show drill size in padsX






Split power planesX






Spreadsheet view - fullX






Spreadsheet view - limitedX






Standard Clearance OptionsXX






Technology Files (Load and Save)X






Test point insertionX






Test Points ReportX






Topology choices: Shortest, Daisy chain, StarX






Unplace componentsX






User DatabaseXX






Variant supportX






Via stack inside a SMD padXX


Circuit Design Suite







Automatic test-point placementX












Autoroute (Start/Resume button)X






BGA fanoutX






Bus routingX






Differential pair routingX






Group autoplaceX






Group autorouteX






High speedX






Layer limit82






Net shieldingX












Prioritize routing order (by net)X






Route a single netX






Router support for pin and gate swapX






Topology choices: Shortest, Daisy chain, StarX






Trace rubberbandingXX

Miscellaneous Ultiboard

Circuit Design Suite

Pin number limitnone550

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