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Multisim is an advanced, industry-standard, best-in-class SPICE simulation environment. Around the world, educators use it to teach electronics theory and engineers use it in various industries to design and prototype circuitry. Download a free evaluation specialized for your area of concentration.

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Multisim for Educators, Students, and Researchers

Download a free trial of this specialized teaching edition of Multisim, including NI Ultiboard.

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Evaluate with the NI myDAQ measurement and homework platform

Evaluate with the NI ELVIS laboratory hardware platform

Multisim for Professionals

Download a free trial of this specialized design edition of Multisim, including Ultiboard.

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Multisim Live

Try the web-based extension of Multisim desktop

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Already a Multisim User? Need to Upgrade?

Existing users without an active NI Standard Service Program (SSP) contract can save 50 percent off the cost of a renewal license.

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