How to Connect Signals to the PXI/PXIe-2527



NI PXI-2527                              NI PXIe-2527

The NI PXI/PXIe-2527 (NI 2527) is a high-voltage multiplexer switch module designed for medium- to high-density automated test systems. With a switching capacity of up to 300 VDC/300 VAC and up to 2 A, the NI 2527 is the perfect front end for the NI 4070 and NI 4072 digital multimeters, offering simple channel expansion for voltage, current, resistance, capacitance, or inductance measurements. Multiple-channel configurations are available including 64x1 1-wire, 32x1 2-wire, and 16x1 4-wire. Each channel, using robust electromechanical relays, is capable of scanning up to 140 channels/s. A cold-junction compensation (CJC) sensor is also included in the front-mounting terminal block to assist in thermocouple scanning applications.

NI 2527 Terminal Block

NI offers the NI TB-2627 Front-Mounting Terminal Block for use with the NI 2527. With screw terminals available to accommodate any configuration of the multiplexer, the TB-2627 offers an easy way to quickly connect signals to the multiplexer for prototyping applications or system deployment. Additionally, you can simplify connectivity with a digital multimeter (DMM) through the use of the HV6-BAN4 cable (P/N 192795-0R2), which connects the banana jack inputs of a DMM to the COMs of each multiplexer bank. A cold-junction compensation sensor is also included for more accurate thermocouple measurements.

The figure below outlines the main components of the TB-2627:

The figure below clearly outlines how the screw terminals on the TB-2627 map to the channels of the NI 2527:

To determine how the screw terminal map to the channels of a particular multiplexer topology for the TB-2627, refer to the PXIe-2527 Overview and select the desired topology.

For more information on connecting signal to the TB-2627 see the Installation Instructions NI TB-2627.

Signal Connection with Terminal Blocks

The NI 2527 is capable of 1-Wire, 2-Wire and 4-Wire multiplexer configurations.

To connect signals to the NI 2527 via the TB-2627, screw the leads into the screw terminals as required, ensure that the leads are properly reinforced by the strain relief bar and then attach the terminal block cover. The terminal block can then be connected directly to the switch via the mating connectors as shown in the following figure:

Custom Signal Connection to the PXI/PXIe-2527

The NI 2527 can also be utilized without the TB-2627.

By using a compatible mating front panel connector, users can develop their own terminal block. A custom terminal block will allow for a wide variety of routing options and multiplexer topologies.

To determine how the pins on the NI 2527 map to the channels of a particular multiplexer topology, refer to the PXIe-2527 Overview and select the desired topology.

Vendors of compatible mating front panel connectors can be seen on the following table:

AccessoryManufacturerPart Number
100-pin HDI right angle mating connectorNI779311-01
Mating front panel connector, verticalAMP533285-1
Mating front panel connector, right-angleAMP533285-1

More information about using custom connectors with NI Switches can be found in the NI Switch Mating Connectors for Custom Solutions or Cables.

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