Validate Embedded Software Using Virtual ECUs

Accelerating embedded software development and identifying bugs earlier are key requirements within the automotive industry—and are increasingly important with the focus on software defined vehicles (SDVs). Utilizing simulation techniques and virtualization technology are key enablers in this time-to-market race, along with their seamless integration into validation methodologies and toolchains for MIL, SIL, and HIL. Systems and software for validation testing must be ready and capable of:


  • Integrating virtual electronic control units (vECUs) to run production code before hardware is available
  • Transitioning from MIL to SIL to HIL with minimal efforts
  • Leveraging models from different vendors and simulation environments
  • Providing a rich ecosystem of I/O and network interfaces for moving from pure virtual to HIL-based setups using real or prototype ECUs
  • Allowing for both selective manual and highly automated test case execution

VeriStand Virtual Validation Development Suite

  • VeriStand: Creates real-time test and HIL applications more efficiently using a configuration-based development environment that has been a proven HIL software tool since 2007.
  • VeriStand Virtual ECU Toolkit: Connects and executes ECU models and production software directly with environmental simulation models and network buses within VeriStand.
  • Vehicle Communication Toolkit: Sends and receives messages from ECUs on automotive buses and provides Restbus simulation.
  • Vehicle Communication Diagnostic Toolkit: Enables expanded diagnostic information from ECUs like execute diagnostic services, read diagnostic trouble codes, and flash ECUs.
  • Vehicle Communication Measurement and Calibration Toolkit: Integrates with calibration database files (A2L) to read/write to internal ECU variables over XCP and CCP.

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Watch How VeriStand Enables Software Test Using Virtual ECUs

Virtual ECUs at Your Fingertips

The VeriStand Virtual Validation Toolkit allows for the integration of virtual ECUs into VeriStand, NI’s software for embedded software validation. See how to add, configure, and run a test case using a virtual ECU authored in Synopsys Silver.

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VeriStand Virtual Validation Development Suite

Evaluate the integration of virtual ECUs into VeriStand and left shift your software validation today.

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