Perform Signal-Based LRU Embedded Software Testing

Engineers have less time for system validation because requirements constantly evolve as designs are finalized. As line-replaceable units (LRUs) become more complex, engineers must develop test systems with limited resources, time, and budget. It’s time for a better approach to validating software—one that embraces requirement changes and empowers teams to create agile, modular test systems that can be leveraged across the product lifecycle from initial model testing to subsystem integration and hardware-in-the-loop testing.

  • Design systems based on your requirements, system models, signals, and sensors 
  • Maximize reuse of model IP within the existing engineering workflow
  • Replace point-to-point wiring with standard cables and connectivity scheme
  • Achieve full test coverage with signal paths that include conditioning, avionics bus communication, real/simulated signal switching, model-based simulation, and fault insertion

LRU Test System

  • Create embedded software test solutions based on the System on Demand design methodology 
  • Integrate models from the environment of your choice, including MathWorks® Simulink® software, with VeriStand on NI Linux Real-Time 
  • Capture measurements, data, and messages from communications buses with PXI and custom capabilities with PXI FPGA and LabVIEW-programmable FPGA
  • Reuse modular signal conditioning, fault insertion, I/O simulation, and standard cabling between test systems with NI Switch Load Signal Conditioning (SLSC) hardware
  • Build, deploy, and automate your real-time validation test system with TestStand test management software

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LRU Embedded Software and Integration Test Solution Brochure

With NI’s embedded software and integration test solutions, you can achieve test capability faster and with significant flexibility for changing requirements.

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