Electrical and Mechanical Systems Test

Deploy Advanced Test Capabilities Faster

Every aerospace and defense vehicle, aircraft, and asset relies on up to hundreds of electrical and mechanical subsystems that must work in perfect unison with one another. From fluid and safety systems to full fly-by-wire systems, these components must be put through a barrage of tests and simulations to ensure reliable operation across all mission scenarios. As these subsystems evolve to meet the needs of future missions, so too must your approach to design, test, and system integration.

NI Commitment

Make Test a Strategic Asset

Mission-critical assets demand a proven test strategy. NI offers comprehensive solutions and services from experts around the globe who can provide industry best practices, professional planning, and deep engineering expertise to your test strategy to help accelerate your business impact.

We’re happy to report that from the beginning of the project [to create a standard manufacturing test solution that supports hundreds of products across dozens of divisions] to today, new test solutions that are compliant to the standards can be delivered 40 percent cheaper than when we started the effort.

Mark Keith

Chief Engineer

Honeywell Aerospace

Developing a Unified Architecture

Collins Aerospace saved time, money, and labor by developing a unified test architecture for electromechanical systems that was flexible enough to use for a wide range of aerospace controller and component tests across the product development cycle on new and existing programs.

Save Through Standardization

Previously, Honeywell had a massive legacy of investment in manufacturing assets with thousands of test stations that supported hundreds of products—resulting in significant maintenance and support costs. Working with NI, Honeywell now builds testers 40 percent cheaper than when they were before.