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Digilent and NI Educational Tools

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At NI, we understand challenges educators face in making theoretical knowledge practical. In response, we’ve teamed up with our sister brand, Digilent, to create a unified academic product portfolio. Digilent’s mission—to make engineering technologies both understandable and accessible—aligns with NI’s dedication to education. Starting with Digilent’s hardware solutions, educators can directly demonstrate and ground key engineering concepts. NI’s advanced software solutions further develop students’ problem-solving capabilities, preparing them for the rigors of industry and research.

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Elevate Learning with NI Academic Volume Licensing (AVL)

Access essential NI software like LabVIEW, VeriStand, and DIAdem through NI’s AVL. More than just software, AVL offers extensive benefits including unlimited on-demand training for students and faculty, dedicated training credits for instructors, and valuable certification opportunities (such as CLAD) for students. Enhance your institution’s teaching and research capabilities with an AVL.

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