What Is the 5G NR Test UE FR1 Bundle?

Fully 3GPP Release 15 compliant, the 5G NR Test UE for FR1 Bundle emulates 5G user equipment (UE) and provides real-time performance information when connected to a gNodeB. With 100 MHz of bandwidth and 4x4 MIMO, it can test components, subsystems, and/or full base station equipment at every 5G band.

The NI 5G NR test UE is capable of emulating a fully 3GPP Release 15 compliant end-user device or user equipment. Learn more about how this system is built and what it can do.

Access the latest 3GPP Standards

Built on software defined radios (SDRs), users are not limited to a single 3GPP release. Software can be reconfigured at run time to support non-standalone, standalone, and future 3GPP releases as they become available.

Observe Link Performance in Real-Time

View a variety of physical layer measurements and statistics on the intuitive GUI when connected to a gNodeB. Additional performance data can be logged for offline processing. System software can be updated as requirements and standards evolve.

Solution Brochure

5G New Radio Test UE

Learn about the hardware used in the 5G New Radio Test UE system and the features and functionality of the 5G NR software.

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