Hardware Warranty

We understand your everyday engineering challenges, especially after a project is under way and the budget is finalized. NI hardware includes a warranty that offers one year of hassle-free ownership.


Manage the Unexpected With Confidence

Protect Your Investment with Hardware Repair

You can have your hardware repaired for one year at no extra cost. The standard repair service includes restoring your device functionality, updating firmware, and factory calibrating your device after repair. This service helps you maintain a predictable budget.

Predict Turnaround Times for Repair

Should the unexpected happen, NI can repair your hardware in as little as 10 days.

Get Technical Support

You can access technical support resources after you register your hardware with your NI serial number.

For complete information about the included warranty, refer to the Terms and Conditions of Sale

Enhance Your Warranty Benefits with Service Options Tailored to Your Needs

Every project is different, so choose what you need to add to your warranty from our entire range of services. We can help you to fix maintenance costs, simplify logistics and cut downtime.