Test Code Module Development with STS and .NET/C# Course Overview

The Test Code Module Development with STS and .NET/C# Course will follow the typical customer workflow and milestones, which includes tight interaction with corresponding hardware. After completing this course, a test developer will be able to use Semiconductor Test System (STS) resources to develop and debug measurement code modules for STS test program, to create custom test steps, to perform test program optimization and deployment.


Course Last Release Date or Version Number:

  • On-Demand: 20.0
  • Instructor-led Classroom: 21.0
  • Instructor-led Virtual: 21.0


Course Details:

Test Code Module Development with STS and .NET/C# Course Outline


Overview of NI STS Software

After completing this module, you will be able to describe the different types of software and environments that you can use to develop and deploy test programs for the STS.​

  • Overview of NI STS Software​
  • Switching Among Versions of STS Software​

Exploring Tester Resources​

Find the TSM and Instrument APIs in the programming environment and learn how to use them in code modules.​

  • Investigating Instrument Channel Operation​
  • Programming the Instruments of STS​
  • Exploring TSM APIs​
  • Exploring the Help Files​

Developing Test Code for STS​

Create a test code module using the basic APIs and code module programming flow. ​

  • Designing Test Code Modules​
  • Building Tests from Instrument Code​
  • Test Code Development Considerations​

Running Code Modules as Part of a Test Program​

Explore techniques for ensuring the quality of your test code modules, sorting DUTs based on test code results, and using test system information within your code modules.​

  • Communicating with a DUT​
  • Debugging the Test Program​
  • Performing Inline Quality Assurance Testing​
  • Overriding the Automatic Bin Assignments​
  • Getting and Storing Test Information​

Developing Multisite Test Programs for STS​

Use the batch process model to modify a test program for multisite execution.​

  • Executing Tests Using the Batch Process Model​
  • Developing Test Programs for Multisite Execution​

Reducing Test Time

Use various tools and techniques to reduce test time and verify timing using both high-level test system benchmarking and low-level test step benchmarking​

  • Reducing Test Time​
  • Benchmarking a Test System​
  • Low-Level Test Step Benchmarking​

Deploying Test Programs​

Deploy the test program and learn how to debug it after deployment using the complete test program and the TestStand Deployment Utility.​

  • Deploying a Test Program​
  • Debugging Deployed Programs​

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