Taking Interactive Measurements with an LCR Meter Course Overview

This course will enable Test and Validation Engineers to take inductance, capacitance, and resistance measures with NIs LCR Meter, the PXIe-4190. The course will focus on how the PXIe-4190 can be leveraged to perform common tasks and tests, such as single-point measurements, C-V sweeps, and frequency sweeps. The course will guide the learner through the complete test workflow: from configuration and cabling to calibration, troubleshooting, and ensuring accurate and repeatable measurements. This course will also focus on automation through software applications including LabVIEW and InstrumentStudio.


Course Last Release Date or Version Number: 2022


Your purchase of the Taking Interactive Measurements with an LCR Meter course also provides access to the SMU and Power Supply Set UP, Control, and Optimization course. Go to that course to learn how to configure and control power supplies and SMUs.

Course Details:

Taking Interactive Measurements with an LCR Meter Course Outline


Exploring NI LCR Meters  

Explore NI LCR Meters and applications.

  • NI LCR Meters
  • NI LCR Meters Common Use Cases


Connecting and Configuring LCR


Learn how to connect, configure, and perform a self-test with an LCR Meter in NI MAX. Review Compensation with LCR Meters.

  • Setting Up the LCR Meter and Performing a Self-Test
  • LCR Cabling
  • Compensation of LCR Measurements with NI-DCPower
Interactively Controlling LCR Meters with InstrumentStudio

Interactively control LCR Meters with InstrumentStudio to take basic measurements.

  • Controlling LCR Meters in InstrumentStudio
  • Making Measurements with LCR Meters in InstrumentStudio

Interactively Controlling LCR Meters

with LabVIEW

Programmatically configure LCR Meters in LabVIEW using the NI-DCPower API.  


  • Programming with the NI-DCPower API
  • Using NI-DCPower to Take Measurements


Exploring and Improving

Measurements with LCR Meters

Learn how to leverage the LCR Meter specifications to improve accurate repeatable measurements.

  • Exploring PXIe-4190 Specifications and Instrument Accuracy
  • Noise vs. Measurement Time in LCR Instruments
  • Shorting Shields for LCR Measurements
  • Synchronizing LCR Meters with Other Instruments

Calibration and Uncertainty

Explore how calibration affects uncertainty and identify when to perform the self- and external calibration.

  • Performing Self- and External Calibration
  • Exploring the Effects of the Temperature on Measurements


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