RF IC Test with STS and .NET/C# Course Overview

RF IC Test with STS and .NET/C# course will follow the typical customer workflow and milestones, which includes tight interaction with standard STS RF hardware. After completing this course, an RF test developer will be able to use STS RF resources interactively to create, modify, execute, and debug test programs based on RF configurations.


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Course Last Release Date or Version Number: 21.0

Course Details:

RF IC Test with STS and .NET/C# Course Outline


Exploring the STS RF Subsystem​

Identify each component of STS RF subsystem, its functionality and purpose.

  • Exploring the STS RF Subsystem Components​
  • Identifying Features of the STS RF Subsystem​

Exploring the Vector Signal Transceiver (VST)​

Explore the VST specifications and architecture.​

  • Exploring the VST Specifications​
  • Exploring the VST Architecture​

Investigating the RF Calibration Load Board​

Explore the RF Calibration Load Board (CLB), its purpose, and functionality.​

  • Introduction to RF Calibration on STS​
  • Using the RF CLB​

Exploring the STS RF Debug Panels​

Explore the STS RF Debug Panels, their purpose and functionality.​

  • Overview of the STS RF Debug Panels​
  • Launching the STS RF Debug Panels​

Exploring the RF Device Under Test (DUT)​

Explore the specifications and typical applications of the RF DUT, which will be used during this course.

  • Overview of the RF DUT ​
  • Interfacing with the RF DUT ​

Mapping Measurement Requirements​

Map measurement requirements to tester instrumentation.​

  • Exploring Documentation​

Creating an STS Project​

Create a new test program by using the example RF test sequences and update its components.​

  • Creating an STS Project​
  • Updating the Pin Map​

Bringing Up the Device​

Bring up the device and implement basic tests using the Digital Pattern Editor (DPE) and STS RF Debug Panels.​

  • Powering Up the Device​
  • Bursting Patterns​
  • Testing the RF Continuity​

RF Calibration Overview​

Identify the sources of error in the RF subsystem and explore the RF calibration components.​

  • Exploring RF Calibration for STS​
  • Exploring RF Module Calibration Techniques​

Exploring Use Cases for RF System and User-Defined Calibration​

Explore the RF system and user-defined calibration, their purpose, and use cases. Then perform both types of calibration.​

  • Exploring RF System Calibration​
  • Exploring RF User-Defined Calibration​
  • Comparing Calibration Approaches​

De-embedding Cable and Trace Loss​

Explore S2P de-embedding, RF load board characterization and learn how to use the S2P Cascade Utility and SnP File Viewer.​

  • Exploring Load Board Characterization​
  • Using NI Tools to Interact with S2P Files​
  • Specifying De-Embedding Files​

Creating RF Waveforms

Learn how to create RF waveforms using the NI-RFmx Waveform Creator.​

  • Launching the NI-RFmx Waveform Creator​
  • Configuring a Waveform​
  • Viewing a Graphical Representation of the Waveform​
  • Generating and Playing the Waveform File​

Introduction to TSM RF Steps​

Explore the TSM RF steps, their purpose, and functionality.​

  • Navigating an Overview of TSM RF Steps​
  • Exploring TSM RF Steps in TestStand​

Exploring FPGA Servo Parameters​

Explore FPGA servo parameters and learn how to configure them.​

  • Exploring FPGA Servo Parameters​
  • Configuring Power Servo Settings​

Creating an RF Test Sequence​

Explore the sequence structure and components of an RF STS test program.​

  • Building a Sequence Using TSM RF Steps​

Monitoring and Debugging the Test Program​

Learn how to monitor the measurement results and debug failures in an STS RF test program at run time.​

  • Debugging RF Sessions​
  • Monitoring and Debugging a Test Program​

Exploring the NI-RFmx API

Explore the NI-RFmx features and APIs. Understand the benefits of different NI-RFmx measurement approaches.

  • Introduction to NI-RFmx
  • Using NI-RFmx API in Measurements
  • Exploring NI-RFmx Measurement Approaches

Exploring the NI-RFPM API

Explore the NI-RFPM features and describe the functionality of its API methods.

  • Introduction to NI-RFPM
  • Using NI-RFPM APIs in Measurements

Exploring the NI-RFSG API 

Explore the NI-RFSG features and describe the functionality of its API methods.

  • Introduction to the NI-RFSG .NET Class Library
  • Using NI-RFSG APIs in Measurements


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