Datalogging with FlexLogger Course Overview

Datalogging with FlexLogger course will teach you to acquire, log, and visualize synchronized analog and digital measurements for verification and validation of your electromechanical systems.


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  • On-Demand: 2024



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Datalogging with FlexLogger Course Outline

Introduction to FlexLogger  Navigate the FlexLogger environment and explore the benefits of its use.
  • FlexLogger and Use Cases
  • FlexLogger Environment
Configuring Hardware I/O Channels in FlexLoggerExplore how to configure sensor measurements and output signals in FlexLogger.
  • Channel Configuration
  • Sample Rate Configuration
  • Output Reset Values
Configuring Alarms and Calculations in FlexLoggerExplore how to add alarms and calculate channels to apply inline analysis to data and understand the conditions of a system.
  • Alarms
  • Calculations
Configuring Events and Building Live Data Screens in FlexLoggerConfigure events for system responses and design user interfaces to view data during tests.
  • Events
  • Screen
Logging and Reviewing Data in FlexLoggerConfigure logging behavior for tests and view logged data after a test completes.
  • Logging Specification
  • FlexLogger TDMS Viewer
Synchronizing Data in FlexLogger Explore how to synchronize acquisitions across connected systems.
  • What Is Synchronization?
  • Supported Hardware for Synchronization
  • Synchronizing Multiple Devices Using NI Hardware
Automating FlexLogger with PythonUse the FlexLogger Python API to automate measurement tests with FlexLogger.
  • Introduction to FlexLogger Automation
  • Exploring FlexLogger Python API


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