Automating and Customizing Data Processing Using DIAdem with Python Course Overview

The DIAdem Advanced Course covers the automation of common tasks in the DIAdem panels using Python.


Course Last Release Date or Version Number: DIAdem Professional Edition 2022 Q4


  • Instructor-led Virtual: 2022 Q4
  • On-Demand: 2024 

Course Details:

Automating and Customizing Data Processing Using DIAdem with Python Course Outline


Introduction to DIAdem Script 

Explore the work area in DIAdem SCRIPT to automate recurring procedures and standard evaluations. 

  • Application Areas of DIAdem SCRIPT 
  • DIAdem SCRIPT Workspace 
  • DIAdem SCRIPT Functions 


Python Functionality in DIAdem 

Explore Python script execution in DIAdem, the usage of variables, functions, and APIs. 

  • Working with Python in DIAdem 
  • Using DIAdem Variables and Functions in Python 
  • Using DIAdem Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) in Python 

Working with the Debugger 

Use an external debugger to check scripts for errors. 

  • Debugger and Information Area 
  • Debugging Errors 

Creating and Editing Scripts 

Use the editor that is integrated in the DIAdem SCRIPT workspace to edit scripts.   


  • Creating a Script 
  • Starting and Stopping a Script 
  • Integrating a Script in the DIAdem Interface 
  • Tools for Creating Scripts 


Variables and Commands in Scripts 

Explore different types of variables in DIAdem, their value ranges, and the environments in which you use them. 

  • DIAdem Variables 
  • DIAdem Commands in Scripts 
  • Selected DIAdem Commands 
  • Defining and Using User Commands 

Using Dialog Boxes in Python Scripts 

Use dialog boxes to configure functions, specify settings, select properties, and enter custom settings. 

  • Calling Standard Dialog Boxes 
  • Description about User Dialog Boxes 
  • Calling User Dialog Boxes 


Working in the DIAdem Panels 

Explore the objects in the various DIAdem panels and learn how to modify them. 

  • Working with DIAdem REPORT 
  • Working with DIAdem VIEW 
  • Working with Internal Data 
  • Working with DIAdem NAVIGATOR 

Customizing DIAdem 

Explore how to customize DIAdem standard functionalities and the user interface for special applications.

  • Launching DIAdem with Parameters 
  • Showing DIAdem in Full-Screen Mode 
  • Working with the Bar Manager 


Creating DatPlugins

Explore how to create DataPlugins in order to index, search, and load additional data formats. 

  • General Information about DataPlugins 
  • Python DataPlugin with Direct Loading 
  • Python DataPlugin with Callback Loading 
  • Important Notes about Python DataPlugins 


Parallel Processing

Explore how to use all computer processor kernels to execute scripts simultaneously.   

  • Overview of Parallel Processing 
  • Special Features of Worker Programming 

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