Adding Items to Your Cart

NI offers a number of ways to conveniently to add items to your cart.

Adding an Item by Part Number

If you know a specific part number, the cart has a search box at the top that lets you type them in and quickly add them to your cart. If you aren’t sure of a specific part number, but you know the item name, try using the search autocomplete to type the product name.

Adding an Item From the Catalog

On hardware product pages, use the Product Details table to select a specific item, and expand that row in the table. You can then either click the View Accessories button, which will show things like compatible cables and services, or you can click the Add to Cart link, as shown in the image, to add the item to your cart. For software products, use the drop-down controls on the page to narrow to a specific product edition, if necessary, then click the Add to Cart button.

Ready to Order?

After you’ve added everything you need to your cart, visit our online ordering resources page if you need help with the checkout process.