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How Do I Use Multisim™ to Teach and Deploy Digital Logic?

The extensive digital component library and seamless hardware integration in Multisim™ software make it easy to deploy digital logic to any Digilent FPGA device.

Create and Deploy Digital Circuits to Reinforce Logic Fundamentals

Educators and students can use the Programmable Logic Diagram (PLD) schematic in Multisim™ software to create graphical logic diagrams like those found in textbooks and deploy them to any Digilent FPGA board, which prepares students to learn Verilog or VHDL in future coursework.


Explore Digital Logic Fundamentals Beyond Textbook Theory

Where most SPICE simulation software ends, Multisim™ continues with an extensive digital component library capable of both simulation and deployment to real hardware.

Get Started With Digilent Digital Electronics Boards in Multisim™

Students can program any Digilent FPGA device directly from the Multisim™ environment, which makes the connection between theory and real circuits easier—even for difficult digital logic concepts.

Employ Built-In Truth Tables for Logic Simplification

Multisim™ includes built-in truth tables to help students analyze the logic chain, find equivalent circuits, and then simplify the digital circuit with fewer components. Using these skills in industry can reduce manufacturing costs and improve reliability.

Use Digital Counters With Multisim™ and Digilent Digital Electronics Hardware

Multisim™ gives students experience using counters in hardware before the need to learn more advanced descriptive languages like Verilog or VHDL.