How Do I Use Multisim™ to Reinforce Theory by Comparing Real and Simulated Signals?

Multisim™ software makes it easy to go from theory to reality with a hands-on approach that’s necessary to maximize student learning.

Easily Compare Real and Simulated Signals With Seamless Hardware Integration

Multisim™ software integrates seamlessly with hardware to create a hands-on learning environment where students can compare real and simulated signals, which reinforces circuit theory and prepares them for authentic design challenges.


Learn the Basics of Multisim™ in Minutes

Students can easily get starting using the intuitive schematic interface in Multisim™ to select components, wire the schematic, and simulate a circuit in just a few minutes.

Explore Circuit Behavior Using Simulation-Driven Instruments

Students can use the included simulation-driven instruments to drive the circuit, measure the circuit’s behavior, and examine simulation results. These easy-to-configure instruments are set, used, and read just like their real-world equivalents.

Simulate and Build a Circuit

Practical hands-on experiments help students build expertise. Students can simulate a circuit in Multisim Live™, and then build that same circuit on NI ELVIS III. They can also import the simulated data to the oscilloscope soft front panel to compare the real and simulated signals side-by-side on the same graph.

Create Custom Designs With Multisim™ and myDAQ

Over 100 ready-to-use NI connectors can interface with students’ custom designs and breakout boards, including a connector for the myDAQ measurement and control tool. These connectors emulate NI connectors in circuit design through schematic symbols and printed circuit board layout footprints.