What Is SystemLink™ Server?

 ​Analysis Dashboard from SystemLink Server ​

SystemLink Server helps test and measurement engineers and managers implement a cost-effective and locally managed test and measurement standardization, automation, and digitalization tool.

Local Hardware and Processes

Engineer managing a fleet of tests using a laptop​

For test and measurement engineers and managers facing a growing footprint of hardware, test benches, and projects, SystemLink Server provides a central management tool that performs the following tasks:

  • Tracks and locates all test and measurement assets—from any vendor

  • Measures asset performance and utilization 

  • Deploys and verifies test and measurement hardware and system configurations and states

Central Data Pipeline

Engineer reviews data being collected from a deployed test system.

As data is generated from across a test and measurement location, SystemLink Server gives test and measurement stakeholders a single data location with powerful benefits:

  • Implement standardized data verification, collection, and transformation protocols

  • Verify test and measurement progress and results in real-time

  • Query active and historical data by various customizable tags, such as Product, Project, Tester, and more


Customize and Automate Analysis Workflows

Engineer reviewing analysis of tester data from a dashboard.​

To accelerate time-to-insights derived from test and measurement data and results, SystemLink Server provides a complete set of analysis tools and scheduling:

  • Perform ad-hoc analysis and create predefined analysis scripts for customizable and repeatable data processing

  • Schedule analysis execution for specific times or based on specific events (e.g., test completion)

  • Simplify and automate the creation of test and measurement reports for faster delivery to key stakeholders


Learn Faster with SystemLink Training

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Get started learning SystemLink with on-demand access to the Using SystemLink Server to Manage Systems and Data course, which you can use to deploy software, monitor testing, manage hardware assets, and collect test results.

Continue Building SystemLink Skills with Additional Training

To expand on the skills you learned, you can also purchase courses individually using Education Services Credits or save money taking multiple courses with a Training Membership. The following recommended courses can help you learn to do more, even faster, with SystemLink. 

SystemLink Server Advanced Topics

Learn how to use SystemLink Server for advanced data analysis with various tools including Jupyter Notebook, HTTP APIs, web interfaces, and JSON files. You will also learn how to exchange data between SystemLink Server and other applications and how to manage third-party assets.