How Do I Use InstrumentStudio™ to Interact With Multiple Instruments?

InstrumentStudio features integrated soft front panels to help you interact with multiple instruments. With project-level configurations and combined data export, InstrumentStudio simplifies the approach to interactive measurements.

See What You Can Do With InstrumentStudio

Integrated soft front panels in InstrumentStudio make it easy to interact with multiple instruments simultaneously. You can arrange a layout and save parameter modifications to a project-level configuration to create a library of setup files specific to a device under test. For broader debugging context, you can save multi-instrument screenshots and export raw data along with configuration information.

WAYS InstrumentStudio CAN HELP

Save Project-Level Configurations

You can save a soft front panel layout along with its parameter modifications in InstrumentStudio to simplify test repeatability and expedite measurements the next time you need a particular setup. InstrumentStudio also remembers your last loaded project for added convenience.

Export Combined Data

In a single click, you can export a Technical Data Management Streaming (TDMS) file that contains all your instrument settings, configured measurements, and raw data together for post-processing in Microsoft Excel or DIAdem.

Take Multi-Instrument Screenshots

At any point in your test, capture a screenshot of your soft front panel. You can save a PNG file or simply save to your clipboard to paste into a lab report or email.