Measurement Fundamentals Main Page

The National Instruments Measurement Fundamentals Series, your FREE resource for technical test and measurement knowledge on the Web, presents technical content through theory, real-world examples, and interactive audiovisual tutorials. This series, organized into five general categories, is designed for a broad range of audiences, from experts who want to review a specific topic to students who need easy-to-understand documentation for their projects. Select one of the categories below to begin mastering measurement fundamentals. Visit the Test System Development Resource Library to learn how to incorporate these measurements into an automated test system.

Analog Fundamentals

Obtain an overview of analog circuits, ground loops, noise, sampling, windowing, isolation, and proper connection schemes for measurements.

Sensor Fundamentals

See how to use a variety of sensors to acquire data.

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Digital Fundamentals

Get information about digital states, voltage logic levels, and logic level families for digital signals, in addition to exploring digital timing of clock signals and common terminology.

Measurement Tips

Learn best practices for setting up your measurement for accurate, quality results.