How Do I Use the Vision Development Module to Inspect and Measure Products?

Configurable algorithm engineering tools and intuitive camera and hardware integration ensure you can inspect and measure products faster.

See What You Can Do With the Vision Development Module

You can automatically detect cameras and quickly view images to make sure your camera is configured correctly. With a graphical programming environment and configurable algorithm engineering tools, you can implement hundreds of algorithms like pattern matching, OCR, and edge detection. Update your machine vision system to meet your test requirements more easily with close NI and third-party hardware integration.


Use One Software Package for All Vision Hardware

Use the openness and interoperability of LabVIEW to build your image processing software and control lighting, cameras, and other automation hardware from a single environment.

Quickly Configure Cameras to Get to the First Image Faster

Quickly detect and adjust Camera Link, GigE, and USB 3 camera settings and view live images so you know your camera is configured correctly.

Program With Almost Any Algorithm to Meet Inspection Requirements

Take advantage of powerful image processing libraries with hundreds of algorithms that you can use to perform pattern matching, edge detection, OCR, defect inspection, and much more.

Program Faster With Configurable Algorithm Engineering Tools

Configure algorithms and interactively view the effect of those changes using Vision Assistant: a menu driven algorithm engineering tool.

Integrate Other Measurements and Hardware To Expand System Capabilities

Correlate image data with other elements of your program and integrate vision inspections results like pass/fail decisions, control outputs, and sensor data.