What Is the CompactRIO System on Module?

The CompactRIO System on Module (SOM) is a small, flexible, embedded computer for industrial applications that require high performance and reliability. It combines an ARM processor, the NI Linux Real-Time OS, a programmable Xilinx FPGA, and a high-density connector to interface with application-specific I/O.

Build Custom Embedded Systems Faster

You can develop and deploy your embedded system faster using the SOM. Save time, effort, and risk with a SOM based on the powerful Zynq SoC in a small form factor, complete with a ready-to-run Linux-based real-time OS, validated drivers, and productive development and deployment software.

Take Advantage of Approachable FPGA Programming

You can use the LabVIEW FPGA Module to program the FPGA of any CompactRIO Controller. The module provides a graphical alternative to HDL that simplifies I/O interfacing and data communication and eliminates the need to define complex timing constraints and place and route settings.

Use an Open Linux Real-Time OS

You can build applications on NI Linux Real-Time, which combines openness with determinism. With this flexibility, you can program the SOM in various languages or extend its capabilities with third-party packages. Also achieve tighter timing for control loops or operations with a validated deterministic OS.

Focus on Your Core Expertise

With the SOM, you can focus on your differentiating IP by outsourcing low-level engineering tasks associated with complex board design. Several business considerations such as cost, time to market, and opportunity cost factor into the decision to use a rugged, customizable commercial off-the-shelf solution.

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