What Are CompactDAQ Chassis?

CompactDAQ Chassis control the timing, synchronization, and data transfer between C Series I/O modules and an external host. They feature USB, Ethernet, or WiFi connectivity and come in multiple slot counts to provide the right amount of I/O for various applications.

Acquire Mixed Measurements

A CompactDAQ Chassis can acquire synchronized measurements from over 60 measurement-specific modules to directly connect to your sensor or signal. With multiple timing engines, you can run separate hardware-timed I/O tasks at different rates in the same system.

Deploy in Harsh Environments

You can deploy closer to your measurement and reduce the length of noise-prone sensor wires thanks to the CompactDAQ Chassis’ rugged form factor with an extended operating temperature range of -40 °C to 70 °C, 50 g shock, and 5 g vibration ratings.

Synchronize Distributed Systems

You can accurately synchronize over long distances and minimize cabling costs with Time Sensitive Networking (TSN)–enabled chassis that simplify distributed measurements with time synchronization over Ethernet. Easily expand your system with the integrated network switch for simple daisy chaining.

Customize Your Application

LabVIEW simplifies automation and customization with seamless hardware integration, approachable programming, and built-in analysis algorithms. Use LabVIEW with a CompactDAQ Chassis to visualize and analyze real-world signals to make data-driven decisions.

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