Konrad Technologies Vehicle Radar Test System (KT-VRTS)

The Konrad Technologies Vehicle Radar Test System (KT-VRTS) is a stand-alone radar test bench for 76 to 82 GHz radar sensors. Modular and scalable by design, it can be configured to work with specific or comprehensive radar validation test plans. The KT-VRTS combines RF parametric measurement-based tests with object emulation-based tests for functional and performance radar sensor validation across the entire sensor field of view (FOV). It offers easy integration of regression, repeatability, thermal, and shaking tests for a complete design and validation test plan.


  • Validation test plans for 76 to 82 GHz radar sensors with up to 4 GHz operating bandwidth
  • Ability to test single and multiple objects featuring a variety of ranges, sizes, and velocities for multiple FOV angles
  • Extensive and comprehensive test plans for reliable and repeatable test and validation of sensor design and performance across the complete FOV according to specifications and use cases
  • Efficient and configurable automated test equipment (ATE) to quickly implement a variety of radar tests for different sensors according to the sensor use case or validation test plan

Solution Overview

  • Modular, scalable, and integrated ATE for validation tests of 76 to 82 GHz radar; up to 4 GHz operating bandwidth; and four objects on four angles of the FOV
  • Stand-alone functional ATE system for RF measurements such as EIRP and operating bandwidth; single or multiple independent object simulation tests on multiple FOV angles
  • Ability to build custom test sequences for complete sensor FOV and for controlled test sequence execution with the Konrad Radar Test & Measurement Suite
  • Add-on options for thermal and shake tests
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