Driving the Industrial Internet of Things

Rest easy knowing your most important assets are functioning at maximum potential because they are connected with NI technology.

Optimize the Things That Matter Most

Equipping your “things” with connected and synchronized measurement and control technologies unlocks insights that can increase uptime, boost performance, and drive innovation all while reducing operational costs. Those insights, however, hinge on the availability of accurate and reliable real-world data. With NI’s technology providing unmatched capabilities in measurement, control, ruggedness, and connectivity, along with our expert ecosystem, you can realize the benefits of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) today.


The NI Competitive Edge

Open, Connected Software

Achieving the benefits of the IIoT can’t be done alone, which is why NI software offers world-class integration with third-party analytics packages, databases, and cloud platforms.

Superior Control

Optimize your processes and asset operation with machine learning models, feature extraction, and nanosecond control at the edge.

Rugged, Synchronized Hardware

NI hardware is certified to withstand the most demanding environments. Combined with built-in Time Sensitive Networking (TSN) technology, insights from your data arrive on time, every time, from anywhere.

Accurate, Reliable Measurements

Built on more than 40 years of data acquisition know-how, proven NI technology can help you acquire accurate and reliable real-world data from any sensor.

Trending Technology

Time Sensitive Networking

TSN is a deterministic enhancement to Ethernet, a foundational piece of the IIoT. This enhancement is key for industrial applications, such as process and machine control, where low communication latency and minimal jitter are critical to meeting closed-loop control requirements. Together with several other Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC) members, NI has been hard at work to bring TSN to life as the first fully open, standard, and interoperable way to fulfill these requirements.

IIoT in Action

Making Data-Driven Decisions

Big Analog Data™ Solutions

With the NI platform, you can connect any sensor or actuator to any “thing” to generate accurate and large amounts of data, but what you do with that data is the foundation of any successful IIoT solution. NI technology can help you extract meaningful insights from your data so you can make better business decisions or perform nanosecond analytics and control at the edge, reduce the overall amount of tests you must run, or get your product to market faster and with confidence.