NI Industrial IoT Lab

The Industrial IoT Lab, located at NI’s global headquarters in Austin, Texas, is a working showcase of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) technologies, solutions, and systems architectures that will shape the future of industry as we know it.

Featured Demos

Systems and Data Management

Better processes for managing automated test operations result in critical time and cost savings for organizations with distributed test system deployments. This demo showcases how companies can connect, manage, and optimize multiple distributed automated test and automated measurement systems using a globally accessible web application running on a centralized server.

Industrial Asset Monitoring

The condition monitoring and predictive maintenance demo, built on a pump/motor setup, applies IoT technologies to heavy assets by combining data acquisition, analytics, edge computing, and software technology platforms. This helps businesses make more informed decisions that keep their operational assets working while lowering maintenance costs.

TSN—Flexible Manufacturing

Time Sensitive Networking (TSN) is key for industrial applications such as process and machine control for which low communication latency and minimal jitter are critical to meeting closed-loop control requirements. The TSN demo, an IIC testbed, showcases technologies from more than 10 companies working together on a TSN network.

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