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The QR Code Generator Toolkit provides QR code data and image generation functionality in LabVIEW.

The QR Code Generator Toolkit is a software add-on for LabVIEW that you can use to generate QR code data and images from existing QR data or from LabVIEW code. This add-on is platform-independent, and does not rely on any other toolkit, library, pre-compiled component, online algorithm, or other external dependency. You can deploy generated QR code data to real-time targets. The add-on supports native LabVIEW implementation of the full QR code specification, without limitation on size, QR mode, or error correction level. You can generate QR code data in any of the four QR modes: Numeric, Alphanumeric, Binary, and Kanji. The QR Code Generator Toolkit supports Encapsulated PostScript (EPS) and PNG file formats for image generation.

Part Number(s): 787774-35

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