CompactRIO Single-Board Controller

Analog and Digital I/O, 667 MHz Dual-Core CPU, 512 MB DRAM, 512 MB Storage, Zynq-7020 FPGA CompactRIO Single-Board Controller—The sbRIO‑9637 is an embedded controller that integrates a real-time processor running NI Linux Real‑Time, a user-reconfigurable FPGA, and I/O on a single printed circuit board (PCB). The sbRIO‑9637 is designed to be easily embedded in high-volume OEM applications that require flexibility, reliability, and high performance. This controller features Gigabit Ethernet, CAN, USB, serial, and SDHC ports and an operating temperature range that can handle the most demanding environments. The sbRIO‑9637 has sixteen 16‑bit analog inputs, four 16‑bit analog outputs, and 28 3.3 V digital lines.

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