FTDI Driver for I2C SPI GPIO


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The FTDI Driver for I2C SPI GPIO helps you read and write SPI I2C and general-purpose I/O (GPIO) in the FT4222H device controller.

The FTDI Driver for I2C SPI GPIO is a software add-on that you can use to directly communicate with external devices over serial peripheral interface (SPI) inter-integrated circuit (I2C) protocols with LabVIEW. This add-on provides a library wrapped around the D2XX DLL and the LibFT4222 DLL from the Future Technology Devices International (FTDI) FT4222H device controller. Using the FTDI Driver for I2C SPI GPIO, you can use the add-on to perform SPI and I2C master and slave read/write operations. Additionally, you can access GPIO lines on the FTDI device for generic operations, such as opening or closing the FTDI device using serial numbers or the device location index and description.

Part Number(s): 787126-35

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