Network TCLK Driver for LabVIEW

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The Network TCLK Driver for LabVIEW provides a remote driver for use with NI PXI hardware supported in the NI-TCLK instrument driver.

The Network TCLK (NetTCLK) Driver for LabVIEW is a software add-on that helps you use and remotely access PXI Oscilloscopes, PXI Waveform Generators, PXI Digital Pattern Instruments, PXI Vector Signal Analyzers, PXI FlexRIO Signal Generators, and more. With this add-on, you can develop code on your PC and run it on a PXI system using the chassis IP address. You can connect to multiple PXI systems at the same time from your PC, and multiple users can use a single PXI platform. The add-on also helps you convert your NI-TCLK code to and from NetTCLK code. The NetTCLK Driver for LabVIEW does not require the NI-TCLK driver to be installed.

Part Number(s): 784132-35

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