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LabSocket-Embedded helps you access LabVIEW VIs on NI real-time controllers over the web or a local area network (LAN) from any browser.

LabSocket-Embedded is a software add-on for LabVIEW that you can use to access LabVIEW Vis from any web browser without the need for browser plugins or a client-side run-time engine. With this add-on, you can access VIs on NI real-time controllers such as CompactRIO controllers, CompactRIO Single-Board Controllers, myRIO Student Embedded Devices, and PXI Controllers. The LabSocket-E Student and Home Editions also support Raspberry Pi devices. Additionally, you can use the add-on to deploy unlimited executables to unlimited platforms using a single developer license.

Part Number(s): 785581-35 | 786769-35