6 DOF Robot Arm Software

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6 DOF Robot Arm Software helps students learn the fundamentals of serial kinematics industrial robots and their applications.

6 DOF Robot Arm Software is a software add-on for LabVIEW that provides an open architecture with courseware. This add-on works with supported hardware to help students understand the essential aspects of collaborative robotics, intelligent control systems, and Industry 4.0. Students will become familiar with the implementation of motion control algorithms using LabVIEW. 6 DOF Robot Arm Software includes labs such as Components of ACROBOT, Fundamentals of Serial Kinematic Chains, Trajectory Generation, Linear Control of Manipulators, and Interface of the Robotic Software. The add-on also helps students create, modify, and test their own developed motion control algorithms on myRIO Student Embedded Devices. The ACROBOT 6-DOF Robot Arm hardware is available separately.

Part Number(s): 787033-35