AutoSerial Toolkit

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The AutoSerial Toolkit helps you automate manual human interactions with serial devices.

The AutoSerial Toolkit is a software add-on for LabVIEW. This add-on provides an automated solution for LabVIEW that replaces manual operations with the PuTTY open-source file transfer application for Windows. PuTTY supports network protocols such as SCP, SSH, and Telnet. You can use the add-on to read and write data from or to the serial port. With the add-on, you can respond to prompts such as username and password to log in to a device and automate what you can manually do using PuTTY in LabVIEW. The AutoSerial Toolkit also helps you control serial devices that do not have VIs and use high-level VIs to control Linux machines.

Part Number(s): 785367-35