RF Suite: Record and Playback

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The RF Suite: Record and Playback supports RF hardware and helps you acquire, record, playback, and generate RF signals.

The RF Suite: Record and Playback is application software that supports NI hardware such as the PXI Vector Signal Transceiver (VST), PXI Vector Signal Analyzer (VSA), PXI Oscilloscope, FlexRIO hardware, and USRP Software Defined Radio Device. This software provides fully modular software defined radio (SDR) capabilities, and it includes Launcher, Spectrum, Recorder, and Player modules. You can use the software to perform spectrum monitoring to record and replay a band of interest or an event, and the software also supports recording and replaying of mastered scenarios to help you test systems under development. Additionally, you can use the RF Suite: Record and Playback for RADAR and Internet of Things (IoT) applications.

Part Number(s): 788353-35