AM/FM/RDS/TMC Signal Generation Toolkit

MaxEye Technologies Private Limited

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The AM/FM/RDS/TMC Signal Generation Toolkit works with PXI Vector Signal Generators and PXI Vector Signal Transceivers to generate and transmit test signals.

The AM/FM/RDS/TMC Signal Generation Toolkit is a software add-on that provides a GUI and LabVIEW and C APIs for remote test automation. The add-on provides a Radio Data System (RDS) standards-based test solution for designing, evaluating, and manufacturing AM, FM, RDS, and traffic message channel (TMC) equipment. The add-on supports RDS information transmission including program service name, radio text, traffic program announcement (TP, TA), program type, eon, pi code, alternate frequency (AF), traffic message channel (TMC), and music switch. Additionally, you can use the AM/FM/RDS/TMC Signal Generation Toolkit to store generated waveforms and to play the waveforms back in real time.

Part Number(s): 785991-35

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