Touchscreen Toolkit for LabVIEW

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The Touchscreen Toolkit for LabVIEW provides multi-touch and gesture-recognition functionality to LabVIEW.

The Touchscreen Toolkit for LabVIEW is a software add-on that works with touchscreens. This add-on helps you control cursors during data analysis as well as zoom and pan within a LabVIEW graph using touch controls. The Touchscreen Toolkit for LabVIEW includes an interface for built-in sensors on Windows tablets including accelerometers, gyroscopes, inclinometers, orientation, and light sensors. The add-on requires a single seat deployment license for creating an executable for deployment onto another machine. The Unlimited Deployment License helps you deploy an application using the Touchscreen Toolkit for LabVIEW to an unlimited number of run-time machines.

Part Number(s): 783833-35 | 783607-35 | 787631-35