How Do I Monitor System Health and Performance with SystemLink™ Software Configuration Module?

SystemLink provides monitoring tools, data services, and dashboards to help you centrally manage your test to ensure they run at peak performance.

Displays alarms being created to notify the user when issue arise

See What You Can Do With Software Configuration Module

Test results are valuable only if you trust your testers are set up correctly and producing accurate results. With SystemLink health and performance monitoring, teams prevent minor system issues from becoming major operational disruptions. With preconfigured system monitoring features, an open framework and an alarm engine with notification workflows, SystemLink minimizes operational risk.

WAYS SystemLink Software Configuration Module CAN HELP

Leverage Systems Dashboard for High Level Awareness

View key performance indicators at a glance. Quickly identify top issues such as systems with the highest CPU usage, memory usage, and desk space from a centralized dashboard.

Create Alarms with Health Monitoring Services

Easily manage and monitor key system performance and availability services in real-time and historically with alarms. Leverage preconfigured monitoring services and a high-performance reporting engine and extend visibility using LabVIEW or Web Service APIs.

Manage Alarms and Notifications to Notify Stakeholders of Critical Issues

Notify key stakeholders with configurable alarms and user-defined email notification workflows. Easily associate custom application data to alarms tailored to your specific requirements.