Digital Sensor Toolkit

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The Digital Sensor Toolkit helps you integrate LabVIEW with S.E.A. DS.A.3, DS.GAM.333, and DS.T.3 digital sensors.

The Digital Sensor Toolkit is a software add-on provides integration of S.E.A. digital sensors with a CompactRIO system. This add-on features a LabVIEW API for the FPGA and the real-time target, and it is optimized for operation with the S.E.A. 9210 Multifunction I/O module. The add-on supports S.E.A. digital sensors including gyroscopes, magnetometers, acceleration sensors, and temperature sensors. Additionally, the Digital Sensor Toolkit includes examples for digital sensors that show common applications such as a tilt-compensated digital compass.

Part Number(s): 784538-35