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Chassis C Series Synchronization Module

The NI‑9469 is a cabled module you can use to route clocks and triggers between multiple chassis. The NI‑DAQmx and NI‑RIO drivers are shipped with default master/slave configurations for quick synchronization applications, but you can also customize the routing of the trigger and clock lines between the inports, outports, and chassis to create large-scale systems with custom timing and triggering. The NI‑9469 was designed to synchronize modules with simultaneous delta‑sigma A/D converters for high‑channel‑count systems that require more than one chassis. In addition to delta‑sigma synchronization, you can program the four input lines and eight output lines (four per port) of the NI‑9469 for custom trigger schemes.

Part Number(s): 781955-02 | 781955-01 |

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