Terminal Block


Thermocouple Terminal Block—The TC-2190 adapter consists of a shielded box with 14 miniconnectors that you can use to connect the thermocouples to the NI 435X for USB, PXI, and PCI. This adapter has two 68-pin connectors—one on the front and one on the rear. You can use either of the two connectors to connect the TC-2190 to the NI 435X using an SH6868 shielded cable (recommended) or an R6868 ribbon cable. You can also access the eight digital I/O lines and the digital ground of the NI 435X using the spring terminal blocks. This adapter is designed specifically for ease of use with thermocouples. It features isothermal construction to minimize the temperature gradients across the thermocouple junctions and a high-accuracy thermistor cold-junction temperature sensor.