Analog Output Module for SCXI


6‑Channel Analog Output Module for SCXI—The SCXI‑1124 is an isolated source for DC (low‑bandwidth) voltage or current signals. You can configure each of its independently isolated, D/A converter (DAC) channels for voltage or current output. For voltage, choose any of the three unipolar or three bipolar ranges. The software-configurable SCXI‑1124 features an onboard EEPROM for storing calibration constants. It is ideal for applications requiring isolated voltage or current outputs to control a process. For more channels, you can use several SCXI‑1124 modules in an SCXI system along with other signal conditioning I/O modules. The module is controlled digitally over the SCXI bus, so a single multifunction I/O device can control several SCXI‑1124 modules.