PXI Vector Signal Transceiver


6 GHz, 1 GHz Bandwidth, RF PXI Vector Signal Transceiver—The PXIe‑5840 is a second-generation vector signal transceiver (VST) with 1 GHz of instantaneous bandwidth. VSTs combine a vector signal generator, vector signal analyzer and high-speed serial interface with FPGA-based real-time signal processing and control. The PXIe‑5840 features the flexibility of a software defined radio architecture with RF instrument class performance. The PXIe‑5840 combines the fast measurement speed and small form factor of a production test box with the flexibility and high performance of R&D-grade box instruments. You can use the VST to test a variety of cellular and wireless standards such as IEEE 802.11ax. In addition, you can easily expand the small PXIe‑5840 two‑slot 2U PXI Express form factor to support multiple input, multiple output (MIMO) configurations.