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TestStand is test management software that helps you develop, debug, and deploy test systems and provides full visibility into testing process and results.

TestStand is application software that helps engineers quickly develop robust automated test and validation systems. You can extend the functionality of your system by developing test sequences in TestStand that integrate code modules written in any programming language. You can use built-in functionality to profile and optimize speed and parallelism before deploying test systems to production. TestStand provides extensible plug-ins for reporting, database logging, and connectivity to other systems, meeting the needs of any environment. With TestStand, you can confidently deploy test systems with increased throughput that run at the speed of production. You can choose from a development license, a deployment license for distributing developing code, or a debug/deploy license, which you can use to resolve issues on applications that were created with a development license.


  • Execução em alta velocidade de sequências de teste em paralelo.
  • Relatórios em XML, HTML, ASCII e ATML e registro em base de dados customizáveis.
  • Adaptadores para a chamada de testes escritos em qualquer linguagem ou formato.

Part Number(s): 777774-3505 | 777774-35 | 779851-35 | 788372-35WM | 788372-35

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