Test Program Development with STS Course

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The Test Program Development with STS On-Demand helps you learn at your own pace from anywhere using a 24/7 on-demand training portal.

The Test Program Development with STS Course introduces you to the Semiconductor Test System (STS) and teaches you the main concepts of STS hardware and software. In this course, you also will learn how to set up and configure an STS to test a mixed-signal semiconductor device, and how to communicate with a device under test (DUT). You will learn how to use STS tester resources interactively to create, modify, execute, and debug test programs with pre-existing code modules, developed using LabVIEW or .NET/C#. Additionally, you will become familiar with how to collect STS test data and generate test reports with TestStand as well as how to benchmark test time. The Test Program Development with STS Course is recommended for test engineers using the STS for semiconductor production test or high-volume automated device validation. General knowledge of semiconductor test strategies and methods as well as basic test engineering knowledge is required.


  • Formato: Sala de aula
  • Pré-requisitos Conhecimento geral de estratégias e métodos de teste de semicondutores. Curso Test Program Development with STS

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