DIAdem 2019 Release Notes

June, 2019

This file contains information on DIAdem 2019:


System Requirements

Supported Operating Systems

Installation Instructions

Notes on DIAdem 2019

Notes on Future DIAdem Versions

Compatibility of DIAdem 2019 and DIAdem 2018

Product Security and Critical Updates

New Features in DIAdem 2019

Bug Fixes

Accessing the Help

Finding Examples

Automating the Installation of NI Products

Using NI Software with Microsoft Windows 10

Using NI Software with Microsoft Windows 8.1

DIAdem Drops Support for Windows 7 (64-bit), Windows Server 2008 R2 in 2021

Legal Information


DIAdem is the NI software for analyzing and documenting data from various sources.

System Requirements

For correct DIAdem performance, the following minimum requirements must be met:


CPU x64 compatible processor, 1.6 GHz or more
Amount of memory 2 GB or more
Hard disk memory Depending on the operating system, up to 6 GB free storage space on the system partition
Graphic card Color depth at least 16-bit (High Color), 24-bit, or 32-bit (True Color) recommended
Screen resolution From 1280x800 with a scaling step of 100%

Supported Operating Systems

  • Windows 10 64-bit1

  • Windows 8.1 Update 1 64-bit1

  • Windows 7 64-bit with Service Pack 12

  • Windows Server 2016

  • Windows Server 2012 R2 Update1

  • Windows Server 2008 R2 with Service Pack 12

Note For automatic evaluation on server operating systems, NI recommends the use of the SystemLink module Analysis Automation instead of DIAdem.

1 NI software installs VC2015 runtime and .NET 4.6.2. Windows 8.1 requires Microsoft updates to support these software products. Refer to Microsoft KB2919442 and KB2919355 for more information about how to install these updates.

2 NI software is signed with an SHA-256 certificate. Under Windows 7 SP1 and Windows Embedded Standard 7 SP1 Microsoft updates are required for the support of SHA-256. Refer to Microsoft KB3033929 for more information about how to install this security update.

NoteDIAdem runs only with restrictions on the N or KN edition of Windows because the multimedia support is missing. You can obtain this as "Media Feature Pack" from Microsoft and install it later.
Under Windows Server 2012 R2 you cannot play videos in DIAdem VIEW.


Firewall The firewall displays warnings while DIAdem installs and while DIAdem launches, for the following reasons:
The usireg component executes during the installation of DataPlugins. The DataFinder, which you use for searching and navigating in files, then starts. When DIAdem launches, a DNS query determines whether to license locally or whether to use a license server.

If you want to be able to use all the DIAdem functions, National Instruments recommends that you select "Do not block" for all programs listed. This also applies when you want to evaluate DIAdem. Refer to ni.com/info under the winxpsp2 info code for more information.

Windows User Permissions DIAdem and its components are basically executable under the pre-configured Microsoft Windows user accounts from User upwards. DIAdem must be installed with full administrator permissions.

If you operate various DIAdem versions on one computer, you only have the entire range of functions in each version if you have administrator rights.


  • Internet Explorer: For the map display in DIAdem VIEW and DIAdem DAC, you need Internet Explorer version11 or later.
  • Recommended:
    - Adobe Reader to display manual files

Installation Instructions

NI installs DIAdem using NI Package Manager. If you do not already have NI software installed, DIAdem installs NI Package Manager to handle the installation of your NI software. Visit ni.com/r/NIPMDownload to download NI Package Manager. Refer to the NI Package Manager Manual for more information about installing, removing, and upgrading NI software using NI Package Manager.


Notes on DIAdem 2019

Known Issues

  • If you additionally install earlier versions of DIAdem after installing DIAdem 2019, you will not be prompted to restart your computer. To ensure that the My DataFinder DataFinder can also run in earlier DIAdem versions, please restart the computer manually after each DIAdem installation.
  • Uninstalling DIAdem 2018 or an earlier version removes the file association of uri files with usiReg.exe
  • In DIAdem 2019, the installation of C++ DataPlugins may not be complete.

Notes on DIAdem 2019

  • DIAdem 2019 and later versions no longer support the projection of data with color shading or with deformation onto a 3D model of the test object.
  • As of the DIAdem 2019 installation, the 64-bit version of My DataFinder replaces earlier 32-bit installations. The configuration of My DataFinder takes place in DIAdem versions 2019 or later in DIAdem. In DIAdem versions later than 19.0, you configure My DataFinder using the tray icon in the Windows taskbar. C ++ DataPlugins, which are only available in a 32-bit version, need to upgrade to a 64-bit version.
  • As of DIAdem 2018, you can no longer connect to My DataFinder from a remote computer.
  • As of version 2019, you configure My DataFinder in DIAdem. This occurs automatically when you launch DIAdem. Depending on how many files are to be indexed, this may take quite some time.
  • Scripts written for the use on SystemLink analysis automation are subject to certain restrictions. Refer to Analysis Automation, General in the Help, for further information.
  • Under Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008 R2, there are issues displaying character strings when printing or exporting to PDF and XPS documents if you control the system via remote desktop. DIAdem prints character strings without or with too little character spacing. This is a Microsoft issue described at http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2768741. There Microsoft offers a solution in form of a hotfix. In case you cannot install this hotfix, you can also work around this issue using the setting Output print data as graphic under Settings»DIAdem Settings»REPORT.
  • If you change the size of the text displayed on the screen (DPI scale), for example, from 100% to 150%, under Windows 8.1 (minimum) and you do not restart the computer, display errors might occur in the curve selection in DIAdem REPORT and DIAdem VIEW.
  • When you activate DIAdem, you must create a National Instruments user profile at ni.com. The evaluation period is now 7 days without a user profile. If you create a user profile, this period is extended to 45 days.
  • When using the OPC UA server, a missing Windows update can lead to error messages because functions or DLLs are missing. If this error occurs, check the logfile as to whether a message describes an error in the search path extension. To eliminate this error, install the Windows Update KB2533623 at https://www.microsoft.com/download/details.aspx?id=26767.
  • When loading a DAC block diagram, DIAdem now checks whether the block diagram contains outdated blocks. The block diagram can still run with these blocks, however the outdated blocks are identified with a label. Please replace these by up-to-date blocks because in future versions the earlier blocks will no longer be supported.
  • In order to use the following DIAdem drivers the following NI software components must be installed:
    Driver Components Version
    ADCS Automotive Diagnostic Command Set >= 18.0
    DAQmx driver NI-DAQmx >= 9.4
    ECU MC ECU Measurement and Calibration Toolkit >= 18.0
    XNET NI-XNET >= 15.0
  • Very old commands and variables, which have been replaced by new technologies, are marked as obsolete in DIAdem. This means that these commands and variables are no longer supported in one of the upcoming DIAdem versions. On the DIAdem help page DIAdem»Searching for Obsolete Commands and Variables you can find a script which checks your scripts for obsolete identifiers.

  • If you install an earlier DIAdem version after you have installed the current DIAdem version, the PDF export of the earlier version might not function correctly. You can solve the issue by copying the files acfpdf*.* and cdintf*.dll from the current DIAdem program folder into the program folder of the earlier DIAdem version.

  • From version 2018 onwards, DIAdem imports VBS DataPlugins in encrypted form by default. You can only import and then process a DataPlugin unencrypted if you select Import DataPlugin in the DataPlugin Settings dialog box.

  • The images you use in the Picture for Tree SUD property must have a minimum size of 16*16 pixels.

  • You cannot use VIs that require .NET assemblies from DIAdem through the LVRuntime object.

Compatibility of DIAdem 2019 and DIAdem 2018

  • To find information on the compatibility of earlier DIAdem versions refer to ni.com/support under the search term "DIAdem Release Notes".
  • The old script interface for accessing REPORT objects through GraphObjOpen and GraphObjClose is no longer supported in DIAdem 2019. As of DIAdem 2018, you must use the object-oriented script interface in DIAdem REPORT. Due to this change, DIAdem no longer supports the CurveTransfCmd variable for the curve transformation in a 2D axis system. Use the D2CurveTransformingContext object and the OnCurveTransformation property instead.
  • You can use the Add for Workers method to create a maximum of five worker objects.
  • As of version 2018, DIAdem only supports the methods, properties, and subobjects of the DataFinderSettings object returned with the GetSettings for DataFinder for the My DataFinder DataFinder. To configure file indexing in SystemLink, use the HTTP API. Refer to the SystemLink help in the HTTP API area for a description.
  • As of version 2018, DIAdem no longer supports the DataFinder Manager object for DataFinder Server. Use SystemLink HTTP-API instead. Refer to the SystemLink help in the HTTP API area for a description.
  • The Add for Properties method, which you use to create a meta property for exporting the layout in DIAdem-REPORT, has two additional parameters. You use these parameters to specify the name and value of the meta property.
  • The property Indentation for Tree in user dialog boxes is no longer available in the current DIAdem version.
  • As of DIAdem 2019, the methods LoadQuery, SaveQuery, and CreateQuery can only be used on the objects DataFinder and DataStore and no longer on the Navigator object. As of DIAdem 2019, the methods RegisterDataPlugin and RegisterDataProvider can only be used on the Settings object.
  • In the object-oriented script interface for Analysis Automation in SystemLink TDM, the context object properties On_Initialize_Succedded and On_Run_AnalysisProcedure_Succedded were renamed to On_Initialize_Success and On_Run_AnalysisProcedure_Success.
  • Due to changes in the format of the DIAdem internal clipboard, copying and moving channel groups and channels from DIAdem 2019 to an older version and vice versa is not supported.
  • All MenuItem* commands and variables are obsolete as of DIAdem 2019. Use the bar manager instead.
  • All DDE* commands and variables are obsolete as of DIAdem 2019.

Notes on Future DIAdem Versions

  • Using channel numbers to access channels will no longer be supported after DIAdem 2018. For many versions, the channels were most commonly referenced DIAdem with the group index or the group name combined with the channel index or the channel name.
  • As of version 2019, DIAdem VIEW no longer supports the number-oriented mode.
  • The channel property DisplayType will be read-only in DIAdem 2019. In DIAdem 2018 this property is also read-only if you enable the setting “High resolution for absolute time values” in the DIAdem settings. Use the commands ChnTimeToNumeric and ChnNumericToTime to convert time channels into numeric channels and vice versa.
  • The Logos communication protocol (communication via UDP) used by DIAdem versions before DIAdem 2012 SP2 will no longer be supported as of version 2019. This means that earlier clients can no longer communicate with DataFinder Server 2019 or My DataFinder 2019. In future, you can only use Logos XT (communication via TCP) for communication with DataFinder. This applies to the DIAdem and LabVIEW DataFinder Toolkit clients.

Product Security and Critical Updates

Visit ni.com/security to view and subscribe in order to receive security notifications about National Instruments products. Visit ni.com/critical-updates for information about critical updates from National Instruments.

New Features in DIAdem 2019


  • DIAdem now supports 150000 data channels.
  • The new Excel programming interface now allows easy access to the cells of an Excel file without the need to install Microsoft Excel.
  • The new JSON programming interface now simplifies the handling of JSON files.
  • Data channels can be placed in an x/y relation with another data channel in order to work with only one data channel, which is similar to waveform channels. If you enable this setting, you change a basic setting for data handling. DIAdem then overwrites the group properties wf_xcolumns and xchannel and the channel property xchannel when saving the data. To avoid misinterpretations when working with channels, reload your data in the Data Portal before continuing to work with DIAdem.
  • Channels with an x/y relation and waveform channels can now be dragged from the Data Portal. In the process, the x-channel assigned to the y-channel is dropped directly into the dialog box.
  • A format with leading zeros was added to the Str function.

DIAdem NAVIGATOR, DataFinder, Data Portal

  • The Data Portal now has a new structure view.
  • The performance when loading and saving MDF4 data has been improved. MDF4 data can now also be saved compressed.
  • You can now set a default file format for loading and saving files.
  • The Bus Log Converter now also supports the IXXAT format.


  • The tooltip on the cursor now also shows the channel names of the channels.
  • The OpenLayer library has been updated.
  • You can now display the relative time in two modes. In the first mode, all signals start at t=0, and in the second mode, the time relative to the oldest signal is displayed.
  • "Feature preview”: Symbol overlays can be displayed in the video display. In future versions, this feature will require DIAdem Professional.


  • A new calculation function calculates the area between two curves.
  • A new calculation function allows the correction of a signal drift.
  • A new calculation function limits a signal to a value window.
  • The quantiles 0.025 and 0.975 have been added to the statistics functions.
  • A new channel function mirrors the channel values.
  • New channel functions allow data channels to be appended channel by channel and group by group.
  • New channel functions generate a numeric signal.
  • New conversion functions convert numeric channels to date/time channels and vice versa.
  • New conversion functions convert a real and imaginary part into an absolute and a phase channel and vice versa.
  • The Calculation Manager determines dependencies in its calculations and thus offers better support for incorrect, dependent calculations.
  • The crash function Nij has been revised.
  • A new crash calculation function calculates the Knee Thigh Hip (KTH).
  • The new function ChnEventCreateXYChannels copies a channel pair based on the results of an event search into n result channels.

  • "Feature Preview": New function for exhaust emission testing. In future versions, this feature will require DIAdem Professional.


  • A “pie chart” diagram type was added to DIAdem.
  • The "box-whisker" display mode was added to the 2D axis systems.
  • Polar diagrams now allow -180° to +180° scaling in addition to the 0° to 360° scaling.
  • A marker display was added to the polar diagram.
  • You can now display the relative time in two modes. In the first mode, all signals start at t=0, and in the second mode, the time relative to the oldest signal is displayed.
  • The toolbar now contains a button for transferring formats, with which you can transfer colors or fonts as well as the formats of axes or objects.
  • In 2D curve displays you can specify a size channel containing values DIAdem uses to specify the marker size.
  • In 3D curve displays with a 3D curve, you specify a size channel containing values DIAdem uses for displaying the curve in the palette colors.
  • A functionality with which it is possible to see in larger layouts which channels are used on which layout page in which display object has been added to the layout information.
  • The performance of the 3D display of surfaces in top view and of the characteristic diagram has been improved.


  • The drivers have been adapted to the current hardware libraries of National Instruments.


  • Selecting an internal or external script debugger has been simplified.
  • A new dialog box control allows the selection of data channels.
  • In scripts of SystemLink analysis automation, you have new properties and methods with which to use the SystemLink file viewer and the SystemLink tag viewer.

Preview Feature

The preview features give an outlook on features in future versions. The functions to be unlocked are still under development and the user interface, the API, or the scope of functions may change. To enable this function the dialog box Settings»DIAdem Settings»General.

  • Real Driving Emissions Analysis: Analyzes the emissions from motor vehicles measured on public transport journeys according to European standards.
  • Overlay symbols on video representations in DIAdem VIEW.

Bug Fixes

Corrected Errors in DIAdem 2019

The following items are the IDs and titles of a subset of issues fixed in DIAdem 2019. This is a list of the most important issues fixed. If you have a CAR ID, you can search this list to validate that the issue has been fixed. The DIAdem Knowledgebase contains a list of fixed issues from earlier DIAdem versions under the search term Fixed Issues.

CAR IDDescription


706213If the file path contains a & character, DIAdem cannot correctly determine the file size.
716018The example data in the DataPlugin help is incomplete.
733464The "mass flow rate" quantity is not available under the unit symbol "mass_flow_rate", but under "Massenstrom". The quantity does not yet belong to the "SI units” unit set.

Data Portal

732499When renaming a property with an invalid name, an unsuitable error message is displayed and the property is renamed anyway.


718690My DataFinder also includes disabled DataPlugins when searching for files.
726015If you load "Unsigned 64-bit Integer" data, which also use bit 64, in DIAdem, the values become negative because they are interpreted as "64-bit integers".
737865The commands DataFileSave and DataFileSaveSel generate an error if the Data Portal contains an implicit channel and you have enabled "Optimize data type" in the DIAdem settings.


717148DIAdem does not display the legend of a curve across several rows.
717590If you display several curves, the small cross for the second band is missing from the band cursor in the measurement mode.
718546In the legend, DIAdem does not display the difference between CursorY2 and CursorY or between CursorX2 and CursorX.
727814DIAdem does not always plot all background segments.
731770The Coordinates window does not display data from the second band cursor if you change the value of P1 there.
732995DIAdem prints the legend incompletely.
733151You cannot add properties to a legend using drag and drop.
734082The map display does not interrupt the track if there are NoValues.


709503If you only calculate characteristic values for one channel section in the descriptive statistics, the calculated characteristic values cannot be processed further by a script afterwards.
711140The "Calculate SRTM Height Profile" dialog box aborts with an error message if the selected channels contain invalid coordinates.
718697If you select the "Number of intervals" setting in the "Full Spectrum FFT" dialog box, you may get an access violation.
723359The "Download SRTM Data" dialog box aborts with an error message if the selected channels contain invalid coordinates.
729918Pulse detection calculates the channels PulseStartTime and PulseDetectedRevolutionTime incorrectly.
730392In the resampling function, DIAdem does not include the unit when converting the sampling rate in quantity-based mode.
730986If you perform the FFT in quantity-based mode, the unit of the result channel may be incorrect under certain circumstances.
732259If you enter a character in the DIAdem Calculator through the IME, you get the error "Invalid character".
734238The conversion from triple to matrix may produce a wrong result.
734651The order analysis for the Bode display always calculates the power spectrum across the entire channel.
736400The order analysis for the Bode display calculates wrong results for the auto spectrum in the result channel "BodeAmplitudeNOrder".
736805The recording mode writes a wrong replacement value for the linear mapping with the Spike mapping mode.
737585The ATan2 function calculates incorrect values if the opposite leg is negative.


698584The setting "Suppress master layout on this page" does not suppress the background color of the master layout.
703344If you align the contents of multi-page 2D tables with the decimal point, the alignment is only correct on the first page of the table.
708569You cannot enable the color legend of a characteristic diagram if DIAdem only displays isolines.
714217In the context menu "Add Curve Coordinates" of a curve, the texts "Absolute Maximum" and "Absolute Minimum" are reversed in the English and Japanese versions.
715283The differential characteristic diagram of a 3D axis system displays wrong results for certain data.
716277DIAdem does not display the coordinate in a 2D axis system if the coordinate is the only entry in the curve list.
716741When moving and scaling axis systems interactively, rounding inaccuracies may occur when positioning the legend.
717625In 2D tables with horizontal alignment, DIAdem arranges the individual background colors of the heading in the wrong order.
720434Copying a text object generates an error.
721133If you assign the color "Palette" to the markers of a 3D curve, you cannot edit the palette.
722832DIAdem overwrites a master layout without confirmation prompt if you save it with "Save As".
726096When you drag a channel property onto a text, DIAdem deletes the text instead of appending the channel property to the text.
730382Under certain circumstances, DIAdem closes the dialog box of a 3D axis system with an error.
731475DIAdem does not correctly display the area of a 3D characteristic diagram if the inclination angle of the axis system slightly deviates from integer values.
732873When exporting a graphic, DIAdem always displays a warning message when overwriting an existing file, even if the variable CmdNoWarningDisp has the value True.
734497When autoscaling in a 2D axis system, DIAdem also includes channels that are not displayed due to an incorrect unit.
734666When dragging and dropping a TDR layout, DIAdem does not check whether the layout has been changed.
736497DIAdem displays the differential characteristic diagram for certain data sets with wrong palette colors.
737532If you select the channel of a boundary curve in the Characteristic Diagram dialog box, DIAdem may crash.
727814DIAdem does not always plot all background segments.


710014The OPC UA driver cannot establish a connection to an OPC UA server if the URL of the server does not match the URL stored in the certificate of the OPC UA server.
723670The DAQmx driver sets a sampling rate of 1 Hz on the hardware when measuring with an external clock. This unnecessarily limits the usable frequency range for the external clock signal.
736596The status of the last measurement does not display the number of output channels output by the interrupt mode.


705295If you change the filename of the file to be loaded in the OnFileLoading event, DIAdem aborts the event with an error message.
713284When using the method ChannelGroups for Root <Data> in a For Each loop, DIAdem may crash.
725922When searching in a text channel, the PNO function always receives the return value 0 if there is a data channel whose name is identical to the searched character string.
731734If the ChnMatConvert command is to generate a large number of result channels, this can lead to an access violation.
734097The DataAreaClpPaste command does not insert any values.
734534The recording mode always records Boolean variables with the value False, even if the content of the variable is True. This can lead to unexpected program behavior or error messages when the recorded script is executed.
737789If you create a search in an Analysis Automation procedure that contains only OR links, that search does not return the expected results.

User dialog boxes

707828Some tooltips in the bitmap editor are German in the English and Japanese versions.
717456DIAdem incorrectly displays some Unicode characters in input fields in an XTable.

Accessing the Help

For more information on DIAdem, go to the DIAdem help Help»Contents.

Finding Examples

Use Help»Examples in DIAdem to start the DIAdem ExampleFinder. You can find DIAdem examples in the examples directory below the program directory. You can modify examples to suit your needs, or you can copy and paste parts of the examples into your own files.

Automating the Installation of NI Products

You can automate the installation of most NI products using command-line arguments to suppress some or all of the installer user interface and dialog boxes. However, starting with the August 2012 releases (products using NI Installers version 3.1 or later), you may need to perform additional steps before or during a silent installation of NI software.

If the NI product you are installing uses Microsoft .NET 4.6.2, the .NET installer may run before any NI software installs and may require a reboot before the installation of NI software begins. To avoid a .NET reboot, install .NET 4.6.2 separately before you install NI software.

For more information, refer to the following KnowledgeBase articles:

Using NI Software with Microsoft Windows 10

Microsoft Windows 10 is the latest version of the Windows operating system. Windows 10 features significant changes compared to previous versions. Windows 10 combines features from both Windows 7 and Windows 8. Moreover, the operating system introduces several new capabilities. For more information about NI support for Windows 10, visit ni.com/windows10.

Using NI Software with Microsoft Windows 8.1

When you install NI software on Microsoft Windows 8.1, you will notice a few additional tiles in the Apps view, including shortcuts to NI application software products such as NI LabVIEW, Measurement & Automation Explorer (NI MAX), and NI Launcher. For more information about NI support for Windows 8.1, visit ni.com/windows8.

DIAdem Drops Support for Windows 7 (64-bit) and Windows Server 2008 R2 in 2021

DIAdem will drop support for Windows 7 (64-bit) and Windows Server 2008 R2 in 2021. Versions of this product that ship after May 1, 2021 may not install or execute correctly on these operating systems. For detailed information on NI operating system support , visit ni.com/r/win32bitsupport.

For detailed information about NI application software product life cycles, visit ni.com/info and enter one of the following Info Codes:

Product Info Code
Measurement Studiomstudiolifecycle

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